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    Introduction on the hospital

    The personalised therapies administered in the Saint Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases are made effective by complex treatment management, comprehensive diagnostics and 200 years of medical experience.

    The hospital’s services:

    • Inpatient specialist care – with a regional catchment area, primarily Zala County – 39 active rheumatology beds (funded by National Health Insurance)
    • 225 chronic, primarily rheumatic rehabilitation beds for patients from all regions of the country (funded by National Health Insurance)
    • 12 semi-private beds (Panzió “A” ward)
    • 109 private inpatient care beds Hotel Spa Hévíz****
    • Outpatient specialist care – national provider
      • specialist care of patients with rheumatic diseases
      • specialist care of patients with chronic musculoskeletal and rheumatic disorders requiring rehabilitation
      • cases involving related fields of medicine, and the treatment of patients with such concomitant diseases,
      • diagnosis of metabolic and bone diseases, and provision of the related care involving the performance of osteodensitometry (bone mineral content analysis) and other diagnostic procedures (as an accredited Regional Osteoporosis Centre).
    • Almost fully comprehensive laboratory and X-ray diagnostic centre (CT, MR and special laboratory tests performed in Zalaegerszeg and Szombathely; partner institutions use digital radiological methodology)
    • Medical spa services
    • Human health care
    • Education and research (graduate and post-graduate training of paramedical professionals and consultant doctors)

    Introduction on the hospital

    Patient admissions (Contact information for the admissions office):