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    What is food intolerance?

     Food intolerance refers to an abnormal reaction by the body to certain foods, caused by any of a variety of different mechanisms. Food sensitivity can produce a number of very unpleasant symptoms and have a significant negative impact on quality of life.
    Food allergy is relatively rare, but food intolerance affects every third person. Symptoms of food intolerance develop more slowly and are less obvious than allergies.
    By performing a food tolerance test, you can quickly and easily check which foods can cause unpleasant symptoms.

    From 1 April 2019 a food intolerance test is available in our hotel, which allows 46 intolerance of 46 kinds of food proteins (eg gluten, milk, eggs, mushrooms, walnuts, etc.) from one drop of blood. Testing can be followed by dietetic counseling and special diets on request.

    Food Tolerance Test & Dietetic Advice: 35.000 HUF
    Food Tolerance Test: 30.000 HUF
    Dietetic counseling: 7.500 HUF

     You can book a term by phone: +36 83/501 708 / 472 or by mail:

    Whether you need an individual diet or a certified health problem, our colleagues are waiting for you! During your stay, we will provide you with your meals according to your needs.
    Please indicate your possible food allergy, special dietary needs when booking! 

    Your special requirement may incur additional costs, the actual diet fee is:
    + 800 HUF / breakfast
    + 1.800 HUF / dinner