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    Curative power of the Thermal Lake Hévíz

    The Hévíz medical treatment primarily has a curative effect on rheumatic diseases, when the acute condition (mostly inflammation) has already passed. It can significantly reduce the pain caused by chronic bone and joint diseases. Bathing in Hévíz and the treatments used here are recommended in the following cases:


    • Degenerative musculoskeletal diseases (e.g.: Athrosis, Spondylosis, Discopathy)

    • Chronic inflammatory spine and joint diseases (e.g.: PCP=rheumatoid arthritis, SPA=Bechterew's disease)

    • Secondary joint diseases (e.g. metabolic disorder - gout; disorders of endocrine glands; in connection with other so-called autoimmune diseases - SLE, Psoriasis)

    • Rehabilitation after fractures, accidents and surgeries

    • Chronic peripheral and central nervous system complaints - sciatica, polyneuropathy, paresis, sensory disturbances

    • For the skin lesions of certain skin diseases (e.g. Psoriais).

    • Pre- and post-treatment of joint and spine operations

    • Osteoporosis

    • Chronic gynecological diseases


    The spa treatment in Hévíz is not recommended in the following cases:


    • Tumor disease

    • Serious disorders of blood circulation

    • Severely high blood pressure

    • All acute inflammations (varicitis, acute stage of arthritis)

    • All acute and chronic infections (e.g. Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis, Osteomyelitis)

    • Leukemia (leukemia) and other diseases of lymph and blood-forming organs (e.g.: severe anemia, hemophilia, lymphoma)

    • Non-allergic pulmonary asthma

    • Active ulcer (gastric, intestinal ulcer)

    • Sudden fainting (e.g.: Epilepsy, Adam-Stokes Syndrome)

    • Chronic alcoholism, liver cirrhosis

    • Thyroid disease with organic complaints

    • Uncompensated diabetes

    • 6 weeks after therapeutic X-ray irradiation

    • Heart attack, 6 months after heart surgery

    • Pregnancy

    • Children under 14 years of age

    The treatments making up the regimen are based on the natural healing forces found here, and are administered by highly qualified therapists drawing on more than 200 years of medicinal experience. Bathing in the thermal water of Hévíz, using the thermal mud packs and traction pool, as well as the complementary treatments of the Traditional Hévíz Regimen, such as therapeutic massage, movement therapies, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, combined with our innovative services, all help us to retain our most important asset – our health.

    Curative power of the Thermal Lake Hévíz

    Visit our therapy department to experience the healing power of Hévíz!

    Our therapeutic approach aims to prevent diseases and rapidly cure existing ones or bring them under control. Our preventive approach places the importance of the individual in the focus of the hotel’s services.

    We coordinate the results of tests performed using traditional and modern diagnostic procedures with traditional Hévíz treatments and special, state-of-the-art, innovative technologies. We provide rehabilitation and secondary preventive care for suffers of rheumatic, orthopaedic and traumatic musculoskeletal disorders.