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    Hévíz, the source of life
    The history of Hévíz, as a place where people came to bathe, dates back to prehistoric times. The town owes its fame to the lake, which was known by the Ancient Romans for its healing properties, although it was only made into a spa in the modern sense of the word in 1795, when it was developed by the landowner, Count György Festetics. Today it has grown to become one of the most important spa towns, with several million (returning) visitors every year. As an important tourist destination, the spa town offers a wide range of services, provided to high standards in keeping with the unique nature of the spa.

    Hévíz spa culture
    A traditional Hévíz regimen lasts for 2-3 weeks, and consists of physiotherapy and a selection of personalised therapies. To achieve the desired curative effect, we recommend bathing for 20-30 minutes at a time in the water, followed by rests of at least half an hour, spending a total of 1-1.5 hours in the water every day. The hydrostatic pressure of the water has a beneficial effect on the limbs, making it easier to move individual parts of the body. While bathing, the surface of the body is coated in tiny gas bubbles, and fine mud particles pleasantly stimulate the bather’s skin, while the water flow provides an enjoyable, light massage.

    Wining and dining the Hévíz way
    Visitors to Hévíz will always find something new and special on the menu, but there’s no shortage of traditional local dishes to choose from either. Whether you fancy some authentic Hungarian cuisine, local specialities or international flavours, there’s always something special to be found in this spa town. The town’s Egregy district, and its vineyard slopes, are as much of a tourist attraction as the lake itself, and the famous row of wine cellars are the town’s calling card – not to be missed if you’re here for a visit! And its popularity is hardly surprising, given the area’s proud wine-making traditions. To honour the importance of its gastronomic scene, every year the town chooses a new signature Wine of Hévíz, which is always popular among wine-loving visitors to the town.

    On the culture trail
    The town of Hévíz is a buzzing place, full of life, and there’s always plenty to see and do in terms of cultural events. The town is always ready to show a new side of itself. Colourful programmes make it worth coming here again and again, whether to take in a concert, exhibition, festival, literary event, or perhaps an evening of operetta music. Hévíz is right next door to the town of Keszthely and Lake Balaton, which is not only a popular place for the younger generations and families to spend their summer holidays, but an attractive tourist destination for everyone with its rich offering of programmes. Besides all this, there are too many stately homes, museums, archaeological sites, castles, manor houses, churches, lookout points and exhibitions within a 30-kilometre radius to list here.

    Active recreation in Hévíz
    A cycle path linking Hévíz and Keszthely was opened in 2005. The proximity to Lake Balaton is another attraction for lovers of water sports and angling. Horse-riding opportunities also abound. Local businesses offer equestrian programmes and horse shows, as well as special events showcasing the traditional horsemanship of the Plains region. The region is blessed with abundant forests and game stocks, so it’s no wonder that hunting opportunities are another important tourist attraction. For guests with more money to spend, golfing and tennis are a prominent part of the region’s leisure offering. Excursions led by professionally trained animators, such as Nordic Walking tours, are extremely popular. Other typical Hévíz activities include hot air ballooning, Segway tours, gyrocopter and microlight aircraft flights, and canoeing on the river flowing out of Lake Hévíz.