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    Thermal Lake of Hévíz

    Hévíz Thermal Lake is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake, located in an unmatched setting only 6 km from Lake Balaton, 198 km from Vienna and 193 km from Budapest.

    The medicinal waters of the lake are recommended primarily for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, but the beneficial properties of Hévíz’s medicinal waters also make them excellent for the prevention of illness, and ideal for recreation and leisure.

    The 4.4 hectare lake, which is 38 metres deep at its source, is fed by mineral-rich springs. Owing to the abundant yield of these springs (410 litres per second), the water in the lake is completely replaced every three days. The water temperature of the lake – which is heated by geothermic energy – does not fall below 22°C during winter, and rises to 35-38°C in the summer.

    Thermal Lake of Hévíz

    The 33.9 hectare protective forest surrounding the lake offers a natural shelter from the wind, while the constant evaporation of the water cleans the air, so bathers can rest and refresh their bodies and minds in an environment that is free from dust and allergens.

    The feeling of floating effortlessly in the water, the gently bobbing lotuses and the green canopy of the forest, soothe the nerves and go to make up an important psychological element of the healing process.

    The wellness complex in the Festetics Bath House at the Lake Spa offers a wide range of recreational and wellness services that are popular among young and old alike. The three-storey building, which meets the standards of a four-star hotel, offers visitors a wellness centre (sauna, steam bath, ice bath, salt cave, pools), sauna world, modern catering facilities and a therapeutic centre (hydrotherapy, massages, mud packs, physiotherapy) all under one roof.

    Festetics Bath House