Hotel Spa Hévíz

On the side of the Hévíz Thermal Lake, a flowery park redolent with age awaits you within a nature reserve area and offers you warm-hearted hospitality in a familiar setting.

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit us as well:

  • The Hotel Spa Hévíz is the only hotel in Hévíz that is situated in direct vicinity of the world renowned unique thermal lake.
  • The only hotel right on the Hévíz Thermal Lake gives you a free entry ticket every day to the source of the health-giving water, to the Lake Spa.
  • How about feeling at home while you have nothing to do but to relax and regenerate? Our rooms with Thermal Lake or forest view make you feel home and give you maximum comfort.
  • Do you sit in front of your computer all day long, or have a physically demanding job? We can help you in our therapy centre to relieve your back or muscle tension pain.
  • We guide you on our worldwide tour! Explore with us the world of gastronomy, where traditional Hungarian foods and flavorful world cuisine meet in our restaurant!
  • A drop of wellness from deep-water treasures! We are happy to help refresh your body and soul; we will make you feel really well in your skin.
  • We give special attention to the comfort of our guests with disabilities and to accessibility of the environment.
  • Our Conference Room serves as an ideal place for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers or business meetings.

We hope to welcome you at our hotel and hope to fill your stay with pleasant experiences.

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Payment methods in our hotel

Payment methods in our hotel

Thermal Lake of Hévíz

The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake. It is located in a unique setting. Details


The history of Hévíz goes back to ancient times, Romans, Huns, Goths and Avars all left their traces here over the centuries. Details

St. Andrew's Hospital

St. Andrew's Rheumatology Hospital founded on the estate built by the Festetics family at the end of the 17th century. Details