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Traditional complex curative treatment of Hévíz

In our hotel, medical and therapy specialists are available for our guests, employing centuries-old traditions in an environment that is up to the latest professional standards.

Traditional complex curative treatment of Hévíz - pictureIn our hotel, in the therapy centre we apply most of all the complex traditional cures of Hévíz mostly recommended for rheumatology and locomotor diseases besides our other curative treatments.

The first step of the therapy is a medical examination where the specialist prescribes treatments according to the patient’s current condition. Each curative treatment includes: During therapy the patient gets a control examination and at the end of the therapy a closing examination.

  • medical examination
  • therapies
  • accommodation half board (diet is available on request)

For a prolonged, enduring improvement the recommended staying time is two-three weeks, but at least a seven-day bathing cure is recommended.

Cure and treatments in Hévíz - pictureIn addition to the effect of the thermal water of Hévíz and the traditional curative treatments, special therapies can go a long way in maintaining a healthy spine, joints and bones, especially if started in a younger age.

We added several special curative programs with scientifically accepted medical professional foundations to our existing range of well-known and popular curative treatments.

Curative programs

  • Program for healthy Spine
  • Osteoporosis program

Medical services:

  • Packs
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Mechanotheraphy
  • Outpatient medical treatments