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Special offers

    Sport, recreation

    Medical tourism and sport make a great combination. Taking exercise and leading an active lifestyle not only allows you to live a more health-conscious life, but also helps you to achieve and maintain a healthy state of mind.

    With the preventive and/or medicinal treatments provided in our hotel, the healthy diet prescribed by our dietitian and the regular exercise performed during our animator-led programmes, we can help our guests to regenerate their bodies and improve their physical and mental health in a beautiful natural setting.

    Besides recreation, preventive treatments, therapy and rehabilitation, we also give a prominent role to active recreation with the aim of staying healthy, and to this end our hotel offers a variety of animator-led programmes, which may vary depending on the season, for our health-conscious guests.

    From May 2019 on, not only the hotelguests are invited to our animation programs:

    • Water gymnastics at 17:00 on Tuesday
    • Price: 3.000 Ft / person

    • Yoga, pilates at 10.00 on Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Price: 2,000 Ft / person

    To take part on an animation program, please register: Anikó Papp +36 30 477 3466