Gastronomy on a higher level in Hévíz

Restaurant - picture

Every detail of Restaurant Platán operates in tandem with the noticable efforts of the Hotel:

Their aims are to win and keep your attention and interest, that is, to make sure your relaxation is total...

After you awake, we awake your appetite with a rich buffet breakfast in our restaurant. At dinnertime, enjoy an a'la carte dinner chosen from the specialties of our chef on the sunny terrace of the hotel under centuries-old sycamore trees. Half board includes a wide range of various meals even for supper. Coffee specialties, cakes and various decorated ice creams are also available for those in favor of sweets.

We prepare our meals from fresh seasonal ingredients using special technology, expertise and cordial hospitality.

Enjoy this culinary experience where domestic and international tastes blend in an unforgettable mix!

Gastronomy in Hévíz - pictureOur philosophy of "Health and Harmony" takes the lead in our kitchen as well.

Your custom diet plan is prepared here with the help of our dietitians. We help those needing special diet, as well as providing advice regarding the right combination of food. We guide you along the way toward losing weight; detoxify your body and healthy eating habits. You are encouraged to contact our specialist advisor, we are happy to help you!

Diverse programs await you on the garden terrace! In the summer months, sample quintessential Hungarian foods prepared using a bogrács - a traditional Hungarian cauldron; a tárcsa - a broad flat pan on a tripod over a cookout fire; or a grill. Aperitif, surprise dessert and live music add color to your evenings.

We cordially await every guest for a friendly toast!