hevizThe history of Hévíz goes back to ancient times, Romans, Huns, Goths and Avars all left their traces here over the centuries. The people living here were melted into the conquering Magyars. The first written memory dates back to 1328.

The area inhibited in the Middle Ages was destroyed by the Turks and two hundred years later became the possession of the Festetics family, who founded a bath estate next to the lake. The estate that was primarily used by the local farmers soon became known to a lot of people and visitors started arriving from more and more distant places. Vencel Reischl, Keszthely-based brewer hired the bath from the Festetics family in 1905. He soon acquired national reputation for the bath as well as introducing remarkable developments after 1920, when the country’s significant bath places were separated from Hungary.

The State Thermal Bath Hospital of Hévíz was built on the building of the bath estate after the Second World War.

Hévíz then became the country’s largest bath place for rheumatic and locomotor diseases.

Hévíz received the title of township in 1992 and was rewarded the first European prize for "A flourishing Hungary" in 1997 and second prize in 1998.